Tuesday Blues. I have a

Tuesday Blues.
I have a lot to catch up on, so please excuse me, while I bullet-point my last few days.

Billyboyd.net forums were shut down

Sleep Disorder


Missing Buffy

DC Ban

Ok, well, now that I remember what happened, I can tell you all about it.
Firstly, and most shockingly, the Billyboyd.net Forums were shut down permanently. At first I was angry with Stew (head BMG), as I jumped to stupid conclusions without first finding out what really happened. Turns out, some sick fucko was sending him, and his work mates, harassing and violent emails. You can read about it Here. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded, and rather pissed off.
Alas, yet another occasion where the few spoil it for the whole. Its times like these where I wish I was a L33T H@x0R so that I could trace the dimwits, and give them a piece of my mind… and perhaps a virus or two, just for the memories. Yet, I guess, I’m blessed with a kind heart, and below average hacking abilities… so… the idiots are safe… for now.

Second on my Life List is the sleeping disorder.
I cant sleep. However, I’m beginning to perfect the art of lying on my bed, and staring up at the ceiling. It gets quite boring at times, so I think I’m going to put up notes on my roof, to give me something to do in those long lonely hours between 3am and dawn.
Which, has led to my Diet Coke Ban. I’m trying to go caffeine-free for a few weeks, to see if that helps any. I’m not so keen on the coffee, and can even miss out on my occasional chocolate binge… however… no Diet Coke is going to morph me into a bitchy, twitchy, grouchy geek. So… giving you all forewarning.
No sleep and no diet coke make Jacqui a crazy person.

Next on my Magical List is the Yoga. I went for the first time in my life. I was apprehensive. Actually, I was too terrified to be apprehensive.
I’m a firm believer of the “safety in numbers” idea, so I convinced Shan to tag along with me, as it seemed that she’d Yoga’ed before. Perhaps if shan was with me, I wouldn’t make a fool of myself. Not a really sound theory… but worth a go.
I needn’t have worried. We weren’t expected to stand on our heads, nor contort out bodies to pretzel shaped heaps… In fact, the instructor was really positive, and helpful… There was only one moment where she said :
Now, if you can, lower your elbows to the floor, and press your legs downward.
–what? are you kidding? I’ll snap in half!
Even though I have the flexibility of a glass wall, I’m seriously considering making Monday Night Yoga a permanent fixture on my calendar.

From there, I found myself at home, lounging around in gym clothes, watching one of my favorite sports. The National Swimming Trails are on at the moment, so I’m going to be glued to the set everyday for the whole week. From my “swimming days” I met, trained, and competed with many of the national level swimmers that we now know as celebrities.
(ahh yes, the good old days)

Yet, with all the excitement, I forgot something vital. Something crucial, and necessary for my overall sanity. I forgot to tape “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”….
The world is ending, and I just need to get my slayer fix… Damn… So, I’m sending out a major SOS. Anybody who has Buffy 6.3 on tape, please, please, PLEASE! e-mail me.

So… I’m sitting here… pondering the existential dilemma. What am I? I thought I knew… now… well, you see, now I believe that I may be just some dwindling thought stuck in time…. a thought that is craving Diet Coke, craving Buffy, and stretching her imaginary limbs in a futile attempt to release the anger from the billyboyd.net forums.


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