No hangover! Tops! Went out

No hangover!
Went out last night, and had an absolute ball….
Met some guy (cant remember his name) who was in town for the “You am I” concert on tonight…. We chatted for ages, and he seemed really really cool…
He offered to walk me home, however, I was staying on shanaghs floor, so I couldn’t exactly take him home…
Besides which, I’m not really that type of person… I think I have an inability to pick up. *grin* Not the worlds greatest problem though.

I had my phone number read a few hundred times… I think that the uni should change its education strategy… If you want boys to read something, write it accross some girls breasts.

Anyhow… I have the attension span of a flea today… no hangover, just no brain either…
Will post more about the night later.

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