Morning Had a really

Had a really good chat with Kermit last night… he’s such a sweetie. However, I have a feeling that if we were in the same country, it wouldn’t work out. He seems to hold on way too tight. I dont think I could cope with it, at all…
Tonight is the annual “traffic light” party at the club… I think I want to go, just to hang out with everybody from college.
(traffic light — green=single, orange=unsure, red=taken)
However, I have a problem. no green clothes…. I was thinking about going out and getting some green hairspray and going psycho with it…. but… I’m not sure how that would work out… Knowing my luck it would stick, and I’d have green hair for the next week.
Anyhow… best go.
Have overdue library books to return.

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