Lazy Sunday Afternoon Well… its

Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Well… its sunday.
Uni starts tomorrow.
I’m kinda looking forward to it, as I will finally have something to occupy my mind, instead of wandering around aimlessly. Not such a big fan of boredom.
Getting terribly cranky with my connection, as I’m trying to upload the updated database for the main CO page, and its too bloody slow. Keeps giving me “time out” errors, and making angry noises at me. Grrrrrr.
In fact, the only thing I updated was a nifty little chat feature, that I cant wait to try out. The only problem is that I’ve got a freeware version of it… which has several annoying pop-up adds attached to it. Hopefully, if everybody likes it, I’ll register it, and dump the adds.
Bollox to adds.
Was watching the BAFTA awards last night, and kinda had an appiphany. (didn’t hurt!) 😉 however, I’ve decided that I’m going to prepare a kickass resume, and send it off to the Warner Brothers Studios. With any luck, they’ll be in need of an enthusiastic young techie like me!!
Anyhow… I guess I should try and figure out a way of getting my db up and going.

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