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Due to Jacqui being insane, and the fact that she cant really justify spending time writing something that isn’t her appreciation, this blog was brought to you by Miss Cath, and the letters @ and /.

Inspired by your blog that followed one of our interesting if useless
conversations comes:

My analysis of the sleaze factor, in three easy steps…

1- His words/actions/looks suggest he wants something that you sure as
hell don’t

2- He thinks he actually has a chance.

3- He thinks you should be eternally thankful to have the opportunity to be chatted up/touched/ogled by such a god as himself.

That’s it. Like I should be flattered that Greg ‘how’s you’re assignment?’ Green noticed that my hair was different. Or the time that he gave me ‘the look from here to there and back again’ *cringe*.
But when I don’t feel a thing when My Yellow goes, “Did you do something to your hair?” around a month after the event. I still can’t put my finger on the defining signals that decide whether his actions are uninvited/seriously intentioned/inspired by a seriously over-inflated ego.

I have no idea.

There are the people who give you ‘a look’ and you turn into a pile of quivering 17-y/o jelly. *aww* and there are the people who do the same thing and your fight or flight instinct comes into play. *fuck off*
I know which kind I prefer 🙂 Give me the pile’o’jelly any old day.

Next topic for our big philosophical indulgence — why can’t i write this much stuff in my appreciation? and should i email “Mr Supervisor” in the morning and just not bother with the meeting that says, “I spent all of last week doing adc and the weekend chasing my sanity around the countryside?”

Miss C. wishing i had more time to devote to conversations like this, and, perhaps more rewardingly, researching the matter.

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