Get Lost

Get Lost

I dont see the big deal in getting lost.

For me, at least, getting lost in an unfamiliar place is a learning experience. I learn more when I’m lost than when I’m unlost. This statement is true for both physical lost, and mentally lost. I love getting physically lost in the city, wandering around waiting until you see a landmark that looks vaguely familiar.

Take a turn around Marketting strategies, and hang a right at the intersection of telecommunications theory and bandwidth supply.

Holy Web Development Batman.

This website keeps getting bigger. I keep getting drawn further and further into it, neglecting my project, neglecting my appetite, and straining the good relationship with all my friends.

“Jac, wanna come over for dinner”
“Mmm… cant… programming.”

Even though I’m sleeping really odd hours, not eating properly, forgetting to check the mail and becoming an antisocial geekazoid, I’m loving the lost feeling. Free falling into a learning pattern. I’ve learnt more about web publishing in the past 3 months than I have the entire time I’ve been hacking at Carmody Online.

Whoa baby. What a rush.

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