Friday: Nightmare

Dont actually remember much of it… Concannon won the footy. I spent most of it freaking out about my assignment. Got it handed in. Saw Miss Annie for a little bit. Fell asleep at 8.30. I had been awake since 7am the previous day.

Saturday: Better

Woke up at 11am… (yes… over 14 hours sleep! Oh baby)

From there, I’ve done very little.

Went out to the movies with Bear. Saw “40 Days” with Josh Harnett.
I give it a solid 3.5/5 as I was laughing ALL the way through it, as the humour is based in the gutter, but is based in truth. One guy cannot go for 40 days with NO sex. Not without some serious mood swings, anyway.
Needless to say, I think that Mr Harnett is sex on legs, and even managed to check out his online fan site.

So, then I got talking with Bear about the whole celibacy thing. She doesn’t have that problem, as she frequently finds willing strays to take home. I dont have enough free time to warrent deep depression, but six months is a bloody long time. Toey doesn’t even begin to cover it. I think I may have forgotten HOW.


Oh well… I cant really spend too much time dwelling on it, as I have a Project Appreciation to complete. In my idiocy, I told John that it would be ready by friday. In what world??


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