Fighting with Linux Well… I’m

Fighting with Linux
Well… I’m now trying to reinstall linux RedHat 7.2 on my computer, and am getting really frustrated.
First of all, KPPP isn’t working…
I can dial out, all hunkydorey, yet, my modem and the server have some really whack ideas about communicating. I’m sure its my settings, and I’m sure i’ve stuffed it up somewhere… however, I cant seem to find out where.

Also, I’m messaging a newsgroup about mapping my extended partition into Linux… (ie: my mp3’s) so that I can dance while doing my assignments… yet… *hehe* at the moment, the bastard doens’t want to cooperate. *mental*

And, the stupid fucking ITS site has a big fucking gremlin in their site, so that normal users have to spend about 4 god damn hours wading through the “illegal errors” and shutdowns caused by IE… GOD DAMN.
I’m just so unimpressed right about now… If I had something to punch, I’d punch it… and then give it a good talking to. UGHHHH.

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