Ashamed. . Quite frankly, I’m

Ashamed. .
Quite frankly, I’m disgusted at the behavior of protestors at Woomera.

While, I agree that the Woomera detention center is tough, and not a great way of welcoming people to our shores, I am disappointed and dumbfounded by the actions there today.

Are they trying to emotionally blackmail the press into supporting their cause? Do these people honestly believe that they have the physical power to bully the government into submission? Do they think that the government will respond to their violent and highly illegal activities by abolishing the compound?
In the words of Michealangelo: “Not fucking likely.”

There is not a place for some of these people in Australia.
I’m not talking about terrorists. We already have enough “Australian” cults and terror organisations to be accusing other nationalities. I’m talking about social predictors.

The news reports that the children within the compound have been abused, and women have been raped – not by the guards, but by other captives. There have been violent riots. Some adults have persuaded children to sew up their mouths. I ask any Australian to justify giving rapists, sociopaths and peadophiles visa’s into our country. We have enough crime to deal with, without releasing dangerous social predators into our cities. Until we can be sure that the inmates are legitimate refugees, then we must keep them isolated from the community.

I truly feel sorry for the legitimate refugees who seek safety within Australia, as they are being painted as terrorists and murderers which they are not. They are also victims of Australian politics. Now that the protestors have broken the law, beaten policemen, and aided the escape of many inmates, the government has its hands tied. These protestors have used violent and horrible means of achieving their goals, and these actions cannot be ‘rewarded’. They must be punished. For the legitimate refugees, this means more waiting, and more time in isolation.


If you have a different opinion, I would really like to hear about it. This topic really shits me to tears, as its unfair for the legitimate refugees. Leave a message, yo

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