ANZAC Day, 2002

Dawn Service.

It’s days like today, when I thank the Universal Goodness that I was born in Australia. To be blessed with all the bloody awesome things that goes with being an Aussie, and to live here, with freedom, space, and The Crocodile Hunter has to be one of the best things in the world.

Better than the 4th of July, and better than the Queen’s sodding Birthday.

We dont need a song and dance. We dont need to blow shit up. We can remain silent, and still feel that burn of national pride so fierce, that it overwhelms us. Hell… I almost choked up, just watching the diggers walk in to the ceremony.

So, I guess, its out of respect, that we will drag ourselves out of bed, (in my case, just not go to bed in the first place), to attend the 5am Dawn Service. To stand there, as a collective and watch the sun rise over the War Memorial. Those thousands of men died for their country, and I only hope that we’re worthy of their sacrifice.

Foreigners have asked me why I do it. I dont honestly know. Its the same reason why I have to see Gallipoli before I die. Its the same reason why most young aussies make the treck over there, to that remote place in the middle of nowhere, to gaze upon those hellish beach cliffs, and see the scattered rusting bullets, and to walk among the hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers graves.

“I dunno. I guess its all a part of being Australian.”

Too bloody right. Even if I grow to be a million years old, I’ll never stop being an Aussie. Its something that I’m so proud of.

The service itself was mercifully brief – a few hymns, a few songs, a speach or two, and then the Last Post. Asside from the songs that I hummed, and the cramp that my leg decided to have, I really enjoyed myself. It was a bloody massive turnout, and there was such a broad spectrum of the community. I felt like a bit of a dork, standing by myself, until the sun rose, and I saw so many other people standing by themselves as well.

I’m pleased that I went. I dont know when I’ll be able to go to another one in my homeland.


To Hides and Bluey: Have a fucking awesome day.

Wanna be an aussie? Godda eat some Anzac Bickies!

In other news… I got very little work done last night, as I was too busy trying not to die. I did some quick sums, and within the past 48 hours, I’ve only had 6 hours downtime. Thats pathetic. I should be shot, and put out of my misery!

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